One-to-One Training


The personal one-to-one tuition is for Hamburgers as well as for people from other cities in Germany and the world. This type of training can be used as a supplement to other training (workshops, group training, online support) or as a main element.


During the one-to-one training in person I attach great importance to direct contact and time together. The choice and structure of the topics depends entirely on the person. After a first meeting, I put together a first training plan. A plan is always worked on for between four and six weeks. During these phases, some topics change earlier, while others are covered for the whole four or six weeks. In addition to the personal contact, work can continue on the material during our training sessions.


As already mentioned, the offer does not only include the personal training time, but also the elaboration (preparation and follow-up) of a training plan. The following offers are given in units. One unit corresponds to 90 minutes.

  • 1 unit one-to-one training: 120 Euro.

  • 10 units one-to-one training: 1000 Euro.

  • 25 units of one-to-one training: 2200 Euro.


Again and again students or guests from other cities or countries come to Hamburg for an intensive one-to-one training. The offers are based on days. One day corresponds to 6 hours. 

  • 1 day intensive one-to-one training: 450 Euro.

  • 2 days intensive one-to-one training: 780 Euro.

  • 3 days intensive one-to-one training: 990 Euro.

  • 2 weeks (equivalent to 72+ hours) Intensive One-to-One Training - price on request.

  • 1 month (equivalent to 144+ hours) Intensive One-to-One Training - price on request.

All Intensive One-to-One Trainings include participation in group training as well as possible Intensive Trainings.

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