In our practice a lot is about personal responsibility, but also responsibility towards others. Our offer is therefore based on two aspects, both of which are considered extremely valuable: being for oneself and being in a group.

  • For individual support there is the possibility of online support (OS) and personal training (PT)

  • For the group dynamic training there is the possibility of group training and various workshops. 

  • A combination of different offers is also possible.

The offer is aimed at people who are curious, who want to be active and take responsibility for their lives. The philosophy of the JST is not to act like a classic service provider. Regardless of origin, gender, age and level of performance, there are a few prerequisites for cooperation to make sense: Our practice is based on honesty and trust, which is the highest priority. Openness, interest and a certain amount of trust are essential. Thirst, willingness and a certain devotion to the given tasks are important and serve as a basis for the training.

We are not concerned with teaching our students about the world. Rather, it should be about giving people the opportunity to explore the world for themselves and thereby experience it. Our part is to show or enable different perspectives and experiences and to give impulses that cultivate a continuous process in which there is always room for change and one's own truth. Learning is not the product of teachers. Learning is the product of the learner's activity - and anyone can be a learner! However, this must be understood by both sides.

The four main offers are listed below, which can be viewed in more detail by clicking on them.


Closed Group Training in Hamburg.

One-to-One Training in Person

Personal Training in Hamburg.

Online Support (OS)

Personal Training via Online Support.

Intensives & Workshops

Intensive & workshops on various topics. In Hamburg, Southern Germany and Vienna.

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