Learning Perspectives

Learning as a skill. Learning how to learn is an important overreaching principle in our practice. Get aware of this and your resulting choices and possibilities.


An introduction into our approach to strength training and it’s structure. Including important terminology and basic anatomical input.


Scientists claim it the bedrock of our existence. Still we tend to forget the most important pillar of our health and of our overall well-being, the importance of a good night’s sleep. When we lie down to rest, an amazing process begins. Read more about this process and the general importance of sleep in this lecture.

Questionnaire 1

Your first questionnaire that completes this first mesocycle. I ask you to go through it carefully and honestly. Please do it before or after watching the recap video but definitely only after going through the text files and videos of this phase.


One principle really is super important for us and this is the Rib-Pelvis Connection. Understanding this huge principle to which you already got introduced in the video before is a game changer.