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The group training is basically aimed at anyone who is open to change and new things. Also important is the willingness to take responsibility for oneself and therefore for our group. In the training we work with cycles between six weeks and three months and deal with different topics, whereby one is usually in the foreground. Some topics stay longer, some change faster. We visit past topics again and again and look for new and more deep ones. Both dealing with a topic over a longer period of time and quick changes between different topics are important for us. Besides joint projects, each student always works on individual topics at his or her own level. Our group shows what I consider to be a beautiful and honest community: openness and willingness as well as different backgrounds, all age groups and different levels.



The group training stands for continuity and connection. That's why, with some exceptions, I don't take drop-ins. The training location depends on the current topic. Popular places for us are the Hammer Park Stadium in Hamm, the HafenCity area and everything in and around the Stadtpark. From October/November to March/April we also train at the Tangostudio El Abrazo in Bahrenfeld.


Monday 18:00 to 20:30

Training location 1: HafenCity - Magellan Terraces, 20457 Hamburg

Training location 2: HafenCity - AWO GTS Katharinenschule, Am Dalmannkai 18, 20457 Hamburg

Training location 3: Bus stop Maria-Louisen-Straße (line 109), 22301 Hamburg

Please ask in advance where we will meet. 

Thursday 18:00 to 20:30

Training location: Hammer Park Stadium - Bei der Vogelstange, 20535 Hamburg (back end of the stands)

Saturday 10:30 to 12:00

Training location: Hammer Park Stadium - Bei der Vogelstange, 20535 Hamburg (back end of the stands)


Please note to keep your personal schedule a little bit more open on the training days and not to plan other dates directly after the official end, because the training often takes a little longer than expected. I do not work strictly with the clock, but try to share as much knowledge as possible with my students, even if it takes a little longer than officially stated.


The contribution for the group training is 85 Euro per month.

The payment is contractually regulated. The contract does not have a minimum term, but must be terminated with a notice period of two months to the end of the month. Payment is made monthly at the beginning of the month via PayPal or standing order.

To get a first impression of the training and to get to know the group, there is the possibility of the 'Get to know each other pass'. This allows you to participate in three training units within 15 days. The price is 35 Euro.

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