Dates for 2020

Listed here are dates of upcoming intensive courses, workshops or other events. If not sufficiently described, please ask for further information by mail.

The number of participants in workshops is limited to 6 persons.

The number of participants in intensive workshops is limited to 15 persons.



*Please note to keep your personal schedule a bit more open on the weekend of the workshop/intensive and not to plan other dates directly after the official end of the workshop, as the event can take a bit longer than expected on all days - I don't work strictly with the clock, but try to share as much knowledge as possible with the participants, even if it takes a bit longer once in a while.

**The exact location will be announced by e-mail after registration.

Please send registration(s) to:


Email subject "Registration XY Workshop/Intensive"

14. & 15. April 2020

Physical Exploration Workshop

Exact topics and difficulty depending on participants.


Here you can read a workshop description: Physical Exploration.



Saturday & Sunday 10am to 3pm






140 EUR

25. & 26. April 2020

Physical Preparation Workshop


This workshop serves as a basis for our movement practice and can be used as an introduction or further support. Physical Preparation' also stands for the recognition and development of potential. An understanding and a working method is conveyed with which you can continue working independently after the workshop. The learned tools and principles serve to prepare, protect and rehabilitate the body - physically and mentally. No more and no less.


Here you can read a workshop description: Physical Preparation.




Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm







170 EUR

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