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The Bigger Picture

This first Lecture is about getting an awareness, a perspective on the bigger picture. This is, in our eyes, crucial for your further development. Enjoy!


Coordination is another foundation of movement. In our practice we are dealing with it in many ways. After already finding a practical start with the practice of coordination this theoretical introduction will deepen your awareness and understanding of the topic and the respective quality.


Stress, stress, stress. It's everywhere, everybody knows it. Is it good, is it bad? What is stress, how does it arise and how can we use it for advantage?


An introduction into our approach to strength training and it’s structure. Including important terminology and basic anatomical input.


Scientists claim it the bedrock of our existence. Still we tend to forget the most important pillar of our health and of our overall well-being, the importance of a good night’s sleep. When we lie down to rest, an amazing process begins. Read more about this process and the general importance of sleep in this lecture.

One principle really is super important for us and this is the Rib-Pelvis Connection. Understanding this huge principle to which you already got introduced in the video before is a game changer.

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